Sciatica or Pinched Nerve

Sciatica or a pinched nerve is a condition that results when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated and pinched from a swollen or degenerated disc of the spine. Sciatica is also known as nerve compression or radiculopathy. This happens when surrounding tissues and structures put pressure on a nerve root. This physical impingement does not allow the nerve to function properly. Common symptoms of this condition include tingling, numbness and weakness in the area supplied by the affected nerve. Most frequently lumbar discs are responsible for increased pressure on the nerves that originate in the low back and travel into the legs. When a lumbar disc or pelvic joint misaligns over time it causes pain, numbness, and weakness in the lower back and leg. Getting adjusted by a Doctor of Chiropractic restores proper nerve function, and many of our patients suffering from sciatica report significant improvement in pain levels. Sciatic pain during pregnancy often subsides with gentle and specific chiropractic care.

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