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Provider Referrals

The best thank you is the referral of your friends and loved ones.  As a world class chiropractic clinic, we have patients that travel for miles to experience the chiropractic excellence of the world renowned Gonstead Technique.  Our lead doctor is one of 60 in the world holding the Diplomate status of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society.  Due to our advanced proficiency certification in case management and our extensive experience level with difficult cases, many have come to us seeking a miracle, having already been treated by the medical and chiropractic community.

Referrals From Other Chiropractors

Is your patient in Redding California for a short visit, extended stay, or relocating? Vertical Chiropractic is honored to take care of your patients while they are in Northern California and we appreciate your referral. Please send a “listing card” if your patient is not able to bring their X-ray with them. If here are any special considerations or complications involved please call us directly.

Referrals From Other Healthcare Providers

Vertical Chiropractic welcomes referrals from M.D.s, D.O.s, D.P.M.s, and P.T.s. Patients are accepted based solely on the presence of Vertebral Subluxation as determined by our consultation and examination. Patients suffering from back pain, neck pain, postural syndrome or any other vertebral subluxation-oriented problems are welcome. Patients are asked to bring all treatment records including medical history, test results and copies of relevant diagnostic imaging evaluations to their first appointment. Our team regularly communicates the patient’s progress to the referring physician.

Difficult Case Consultation

We are happy to assist other chiropractors with difficult cases that require additional sources. We can provide the following levels of service to you and your patient:

Consultation and Examination – Our team will perform a through consultation and examination (including any necessary radiographs) to help you analyze a difficult case. Our doctors will provide you with treatment recommendations.

Short Term Treatment – Our team will perform a focused examination and treat your patient according to their specific problem.

Please send any X-rays and reports concerning the case with your patient on their first visit or send them directly to us prior to their appointment. All patients will be promptly referred back to your office at the conclusion of the agreed upon services.