Dr. Bobby Fano, DC is a creative and owner operator that understands what today’s chiropractic patient is looking for when searching online for a local chiropractor. Through his extensive experience with working with a number of very talented graphic designers, website developers, search engine optimization professionals, social media experts, content editors, photographers, and videographers, he knows what works in marketing and what doesn’t. In 2019, he put together his own creative team based out of California to help other Gonstead chiropractors to stand out as a unique and relevant player within the online chiropractic marketplace.  With his low overhead – high value approach, and a focus on organic growth yielding a return on investment, Dr. Bobby Fano, DC can help you dial in the following elements of your custom online marketing program.


We build beautiful websites that represent who you are, what makes your clinic unique, and why patients need to schedule an appointment with you. We design the site specific to your branding with custom 10 pages that are responsive to any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We loan out proprietary graphics specific to the Gonstead Technique and incorporate high level pre-SEO content including  professional stock photos. You are not getting just another website template, but you are getting a custom design unique to your clinic and is easy to use. After all, this is your virtual chiropractic office: what kind of patient are you attracting?

Our creative team manages and maintains your URL address, hosting, email service, and storefront. We do all the techy stuff so you can focus on what you do best – taking care of patients!

This is your online screening that generates leads and works for you 24/7. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that focus primarily on content marketing. Our marketing is designed for local companies looking to increase their search engine ranking within specific geographical areas and do it legally in healthcare. Our proprietary tools for content marketing are compliant with the current Google ranking and reward standards. We aim to not only provide web traffic, but generate qualified leads on a monthly basis from our service.

The standard for online media is growing rapidly. For our team, excellence is what we look for and deliver. We provide professionals that have experience in the chiropractic space and are trained to make you look like the rockstar that you are. We capture high quality 4K video interviews and adjustments while protecting the patient’s identity, then incorporate them into your website, social media feeds, and other marketing programs.