Difficult Cases

Our patients travel from different states to experience the world renowned Gonstead Technique. Why would our patients pass many chiropractors to seek our care? To experience the difference. Dr. Bobby always gives his best recommendations for care, and if we choose to except your case we will confidently start treatment promptly. If we are unable to except your case we will refer you to the appropriate healthcare providers.

We are happy to assist other chiropractors with difficult cases that require additional sources. We can provide the following levels of service to you and your patient:

Consultation and Examination – Our team will perform a through consultation and examination (including any necessary radiographs) to help you analyze a difficult case. Our doctors will provide you with treatment recommendations.

Short Term Treatment – Our team will perform a focused examination and treat your patient according to their specific problem.

Please send any X-rays and reports concerning the case with your patient on their first visit or send them directly to us prior to their appointment. All patients will be promptly referred back to your office at the conclusion of the agreed upon services.

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