Pregnancy Comfort

The Gonstead practitioner’s focus of chiropractic care for the pregnant mother is unique and very specific when compared to the care given to the non-pregnant patient. Since the body changes quickly during pregnancy, preexisting and unnoticed imbalances in your pelvis and spine may become stressed. Pelvic alignment and nervous system balance are very important in creating a comfortable pregnancy and a safe delivery.

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Pediatric Development

The legacy we leave depends on the health of our children. Our spines and nervous systems are the number one neglected system in healthcare. Today, more and more parents are seeking chiropractic care for their children for pediatric development. Any informed healthcare provider knows that many spinal problems seen in adults began as early as birth.

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Athletic Performance

Athletes have special needs and we understand the specific nature and requirements necessary to help you achieve peak performance. When your body is in better alignment, your nervous system is finely tuned and all systems are energized.

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Extremity Care

Gonstead Chiropractic care is an intelligent way to keep the the joints of the spine in proper motion and alignment, in order to improve the health of the body. This same art can also be applied to the joints of the extremities, helping to keep your arms, legs, hands and feet healthy, and help recovery from injuries.

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Pre/Post Surgical Cases

Did you know that most people still live in pain after spinal surgery and many operations result in a second spinal surgery? A study in the journal Spine explains that many times spinal surgery leaves patients in more pain.

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Difficult Cases

Our patients travel from different states to experience the world renowned Gonstead Technique. Why would our patients pass many chiropractors to seek our care? To experience the difference. Dr. Bobby always gives his best recommendations for care, and if we choose to except your case we will confidently start treatment promptly. If we are unable to except your case we will refer you to the appropriate healthcare providers.

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