About Dr. Bobby Fano, DC, MS, DGCSS

Your Guide to Modern Chiropractic

Combining the best of the old and the new in Gonstead chiropractic, Bobby Fano, DC, is the cofounder of Vertical Chiropractic with multiple locations in California and Colorado. He has seen the endless possibilities that can come from connecting with his patients, serving confidently, and embracing a life filled with fun and adventure.

Doctor of Chiropractic | 2008

Bobby Fano became a certified Gonstead instructor and served as Gonstead Study Club president at Life University, where he managed weekly meetings averaging 80 students each week, co-developed club-branded products, and raised money for the club. Additionally, he was instrumental in bringing back the Gonstead Extravaganza event to Life University and, because of his service to the school, was awarded a scholarship to complete his Master of Science in sports health science with a focus on sports injury management. Bobby Fano graduated from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Master of Science, and he’s been a Gonstead Clinical Studies Society member ever since. He is Webster Technique certified for pregnancy care by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has a large pregnancy practice.

Vertical Chiropractic | 2010

Bobby Fano started his first private practice in Durango, Colorado, and was serving 300 patients weekly within six months of opening. Some of his patients traveled from as far away as Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico to seek his care. Serving and connecting with hundreds of patients per week gave him a unique perspective on quality case management and creating an exceptional patient experience.

Gonstead Diplomate | 2011

Three years into practice, Bobby Fano attended his first Meeting of the Minds event in Los Angeles, where he was awarded the status of Gonstead Diplomate along with advanced certification within the Gonstead Technique.

California | 2014

Ready for his next adventure, Bobby Fano moved to California. He intended to take some time off and rest, but while doing life in this community, he encountered several people needing help through chiropractic. With a set of Gonstead tables and a Nervoscope available in his garage, he decided to take on a limited number of cases. He began serving several people within the competitive CrossFit community and helping others avoid surgery, and the referrals kept coming. After starting 100 patients at his home, he decided it was time to create his third clinic, this one with a modern industrial theme. Vertical Chiropractic in Redding, California, opened in 2015, and Bobby Fano serves as lead chiropractor.

Gonstead Clinical Studies Society | 2019

In 2019, Bobby Fano was elected to serve as a member of the GCSS Board of Directors. He travels and teaches the Gonstead Technique nationally.

In the News | Publications

Bobby Fano is the coauthor of “Chronic Post Partum Osteitis Pubis Managed with Chiropractic,” an article published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health. He also has been published in health columns for Joyful Living magazine, featured in North State Parent magazine, and is a frequent guest speaker at professional organizations in Redding, California.

Creative Approach | Center of Excellence

Bobby Fano loves serving and giving through chiropractic and has the privilege of helping people from all around the world, frequently managing difficult spinal cases. Many within the professional music industry and performing arts trust his care. In addition, Bobby Fano has a collaborative approach to healthcare and has the honor of receiving weekly referrals from his local medical community.

11 years into practice, and after seeing hundreds of patients per week and serving over 100,000 specific chiropractic adjustments, Bobby Fano still dedicates himself to specializing in the world-renowned Gonstead Technique. His extensive studies in biomechanics, exercise, health science, and injury management and his experience with pregnancy and pediatric development afford him a unique perspective of what works in healthcare—and what doesn’t. He recognizes that our bodies are created by intelligent design and is committed to families through corrective chiropractic care.